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Fresno City College Self-Evaluation First Draft Review


Below you will find initial drafts of the Fresno City College Self-Evaluation for Accreditation. Please consider reading one or more of the drafts and providing feedback before the end of the semester. At this time, we are not looking for grammar, punctuation, “voice”, etc.

Please read for errors of fact, additions or deletions, inconsistences, etc. You can use track changes, hard copy or email to submit your feedback to Cyndie Luna. Cyndie can be reached at

Thank you so much for your participation in this important process!

ISER Introduction

Quality Focus Essay (DRAFT)

Standard I: Mission, Academic Quality and Institutional Effectiveness, and Integrity

Standard IIA: Instructional Programs

Standard IIB: Library and Learning Support Services

Standard IIC: Student Support Services

Standard IIIA: Human Resources

Standard IIIB: Physical Resources

Standard IIIC: Technology Resources

Standard IIID: Financial Resources

Standard IVA: Decision-Making Roles and Processes

Standard IVB: Chief Executive Officer

Standard IVC: Governing Board

Standard IVD: Multi-College District or Systems