Accreditation Self Study Web Site
October 2011:
Accrediting site visit
September 2011:
Preparation for site visit
August 2011:
Board Approves self study and Self Study Sent to Commission
July 2011:
Board reviews final draft of self study
June 2011:
Critical readers provide feedback and semi –final draft is edited
May-June 2011:
Subcommittees finalize drafts and submit evidence
May 2011:
Semi-final draft electronically distributed Campus wide for comments, suggestions,
corrections. Campus Forum
March-May 2011:
Preparation of semi-final draft
March 2011:
Second draft electronically distributed Campus wide for comments, suggestions, corrections. Feedback from ALO, faculty editor, critical readers and campus wide distribution
February-March 2011:
Campus Forum and Preparation of second draft Incorporating comments and suggestions from Campus Forum
January 2011:
College update on Opening Day, First draft electronically distributed Campus wide for comments, suggestions, corrections
August-December 2010:
Subcommittees work to write first draft
June-July 2010:
Subcommittees work on evidence gathering, etc.
April-May 2010:
Reviewed progress of ubcommittees, discussed the Gap Analysis by Standard, reviewed Eligibility Requirements draft, standing advisory planning committees (i.e., Technology Advisory Committee, Distance Education, Program Review, etc.) will update the Responses
to the 2005 Recommendations

February-March 2010:
Finalize subcommittees, review template for organizing information based on the ACCJC Guide to Evaluating Institutions, review planning statements from 2005 Self Study; review ACCJC rubric, continue evidence gathering and data collection, begin writing the introductory parts of the self study (i.e., Eligibility Requirements, Achievement Data, Response to
Recommendations) from 2005 site visit

January 2010:
Presentation on Opening Day, subcommittees formed
December 2009:
Begin Introduction, Response to 2005 Recommendations, District Map, send out campus email requesting participation in the development of the self study
November 2009:
Review 2005 Self Study, Commission Action Letter, recommendations, and reports to Commission. Data gathering begins and continues throughout the development of the self study, post self-studies from other colleges on Blackboard to serve as examples
October 2009:
Steering Committee begins meeting and approves operating agreement
September 2009:
Attend self study workshop on the 24th at Merced College
August 2009:
Inform campus community of next site visit and start of the preparation of the self study
2014 Midterm Report
Commision Letters
2011 Accreditation Recommendations
Report Evidence
2011 Accreditation Study
Certification of the Institutional Self Study Report
Organization of the Study
Accreditation Steering Committee
Standard Committees
SCCCD Functional Map
Institutional Organization
Certification of Continued Compliance with Eligibility Requirements
Standard One: Institutional Mission and Effectiveness
  A. Institutional Mission
  B. Institutional Effectiveness
Standard Two: Student Learning Programs and Services
  A: Instructional Programs
  B: Student Development and Support Services
  C: Library and Learning Support Services
Standard Three: Resources
  A: Human Resources
  B: Physical Resources
  C: Technology Resources
  D: Financial Resources
Standard Four: Leadership and Governance
  A. Decision-Making Roles and Processes
  B. Board and Administrative Organization
Planning Summary
Planning Agendas
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